Let's Pretend (There's a WAR)

by George Martinovich


Influenced by British rock, strong melodies with socially conscious lyrics.
George Martinovich
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I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, started with classical music then heard Elvis, Roy Orbison, later the British Invasion groups.  That music influenced me; I learned many songs and (even though at the time didn’t speak any English) I learned to sing those songs without any accent.  First I joined a rock’ n’ roll band as a lead singer, later picked up the bass-guitar, which became my main instrument.  Of course, that all happened behind the “Iron Curtain” so mostly we were barely tolerated because of the “Western Influence”.  I left Hungary in 1968, played in Scandinavia for five years, then in 1973 I moved to California.  Here I played with different bands for some 25 years mainly cover songs.  I started writing my own music and with the help of the new technology I was able to record them.  

The idea behind the title song - as a society we have all these needs and the roadblock is always money - we can’t afford this and that, etc.  Then a war breaks out and all of a sudden we can spend billions.  So why not pretend there is a war and spend the billions elsewhere?



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